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Guardian of Lies - Steve Martini - We read to know we are not alone.
Guardian of Lies - Steve Martini
I've been reading Steve Martini's series of Paul Madriani stories for many years now. I love them in the way that I love Perry Mason books. Paul Madriani is awesome in the court room. He constantly stumbles on seemingly un-winnable cases, the odds are stacked in the prosecution's favor, he doesn't even know for sure whether or not to trust his client, but Madriani pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and surprises the reader with his legal acrobatics.

However, I'm not sure what Steve Martini was thinking when he wrote his latest legal thriller. We get the client who has all the odds stacked against her, we get the cocky prosecutor who thinks he holds all the cards, but there is NO court case. No legal finagling. Instead, Paul Madriani changes his role as lawyer, to that of Paul Madriani, Secret Agent Man.

No. Just, no. The story was good, but if Martini wanted to write a spy thriller, he should have just invented a new main character (and perhaps started a new series?). Oh well, it was still entertainment.


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